Other Services We Offer


Grocery Store Tours:

Your diet can only be as healthy as the food you bring into your house.  With so many choices and confusing labeling, grocery store shopping can be a daunting task.  We will help you maneuver your way through the supermarket while taking into consideration your individual needs/preferences.  During your 60-90 minute tour you will learn to:

  • Read food labels
  • Choose healthy options
  • Recognize the healthy convenience foods 
  • Pick new foods and how to use them
  • Recognize the difference between nutrition fact and fiction on packages

In-House Kitchen Reviews:

Eating healthy starts with a nutritious and well stocked pantry.  We'll come to you an show you not only what doesn't belong in a healthy kitchen, but what you need to have on hand.  We'll teach you how to stock your kitchen to make healthy meal preparation quick and easy.  Most appointments take an hour to complete. 

Weekly Weigh-ins:

Weekly weigh-ins are a popular option that provide that extra layer of accountability that some people want/need to successfully reach their nutritional goals.  You will typically get weighed, have your percent body fat measured, BMI calculated, and set a goal for the following week.  These appointments are often only 15 minutes in length.

Live Cooking Demos

​For many just the thought of cooking a new or challenging dish is enough to keep them from trying.  We have some portable equipment and enjoy showing/teaching others how to chop, blend, prepare, and cook all sorts of foods!

​Seasonal Promotions:

Follow our Facebook page and check your emails!  We try to have several promotions throughout the year for our clients that help build excitement and comraderie.  An example of one of our promotions is a biggest loser challenge that runs for 8 weeks and culminates in visa gift cards for the "podium" finishers!