Seminar Series - Series include four, one hour long workshops concentrated on a single health topic.  Choose from one of our series or let us to create one that better meets your needs.  We currently offer series on: weight loss, heart healthy eating and disease prevention.

  • Know Your Numbers 
  • The Mediterranean Diet
  • Nutrition and Aging
  • Eating Healthy on the Go
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Food and Mood
  • Surviving the Holidays
  • Losing Weight the Healthy Way
  • Understand MyPlate
  • ​Super Foods
  • Living Healthy, Living Longer
  • Eating Healthy on a Budget
  • Pregnancy Education
  • Hearth Healthy Eating
  • Diet and Diabetes
  • Bone Health
  • Restaurant Eating
  • Label Reading
  • The Anti-Inflammation Diet
  • ​Food Myths

Corporate Wellness/Health Care Services

Employee wellness programs are an investment in your company's greatest resource - your employees!  Research has shown that these types of programs can reduce health care costs as well as increase productivity, for the simple reason than when individuals are healthier they perform better and miss fewer days of work.  Employees are also more dedicated to and remain with employers whom they feel value them.  We can customize a wellness program to fit your company's needs.  Programs are often covered at no additional charge to the company, depending on health insurance benefits.     

Services include:

On-Site Nutrition Counseling - A 30-60 minute on-site consultation with a registered dietitian who will work with employees to create a personalized nutrition plan.  The plan will be based on the individual's health and diet concerns, food preferences and behavior goals.  

Cooking Demos - A 30-60 minute on-site demonstration on cooking/preparation methods.  Typically tailored to each individual need/event.  If the group is small enough we get them involved too!   Definitely a crowd favorite.

Cafeteria Tour - A dietitian will take small groups of employees around their workplace cafeteria to discuss how to identify and choose healthy options.

Weight Loss Competitions - We will create a customized 3 or 6 month weight loss challenge for your employees.  Included in the competition will be weekly or monthly seminars, weekly weigh-ins, body fat percent and BMI measurements, and regular emails encouraging realistic weight loss.

Lunch and Learn Programs - We provide 45-60 minute long interactive workshops on a variety of nutrition topics.  Pick from the topics listed, or let us know if you have a topic in mind that's not listed.  We will work with you to create a customized program for your needs.  Seminars are informative and include "real-world" tips on integrating healthy behaviors into your lives.  Topics include: