Plant-Powered Families by Dreena Burton has more than 100 whole-foods, vegan recipes that are kid-friendly.  There's a lot of variety in here and a ton of pictures.  She even includes additional tips to help make the transition to healthier eating and how to please picky eaters. 

Thug Kitchen by Thug Kitchen, LLC ‚Äčis certainly not suitable for work!  Full disclaimer - this cookbook is filled with language that would have gotten you grounded when you were little.  However, it's also full of some of the most delicious recipes we've made!  Most of the recipes are simple with easy to find ingredients.

The Plantpower Way by Rich Roll and Julie Piatt is a beautiful cookbook full of delicious and intricate meals.  The recipes in this book take a little more time and have more speciality ingredients, but it's a great resource if you're willing to put in the time.

Feed Zone Portables: A Cookbook of On-The-Go Food for Athletes by Biju Thomas and Allen Lim includes 75 easy, healthy and portable snacks that are great for during exercise.   The recipes have been created for and tested by pro-cyclists and are great for everyday athletes as well!   Leave the gels and gummies behind for real food!

Vegan Under Pressure by Jill Nussinow, MS, RDN is the perfect cookbook when you're trying to cook healthy when time is short.  These recipes use a pressure cooker, which shortens cooking time for staples such as dried beans and grains.  A must have for your kitchen!