​Step 1)  Full athlete, diet analysis and body composition analysis

Step 2)  Assess your goals and help create a realistic plan to make them happen

Step 3)  The plan.  Based on your personal variables (time, tools, etc) we build up a month by month plan and work with you each step of the way

Step 4)  Re-eval:  Every 4-6 weeks we make sure everything is on track fitness wise (FTP testing) and modify the goals/workouts as necessary

Pricing .

On-Going Customized Training Plan  (3 month minimum)


​Custom Plan:                                    $199/mo .

One Off Customized Training Plan  (12 weeks)

​Maybe you just want a thorough outline to get you from point A to point B for a specific event.  We can do that too.  We'll take your baseline data and build you a one off 12 week plan based on your activity.  (Diet analysis/recommendations included)

​One Off Plan:                                    $150 .

Custom Fit Coaching, a branch of Custom Fit Nutrition and Wellness, LLC,  offers  coaching services through our USA Cycling licensed coach Aaron Hoag RD, LDN.  An avid cyclist, Aaron has over a decade of experience competing in many disciplines of cycling - MTB: XC, XXC, 100 mile NUE racing, road racing, cyclocross, and BMX.  Aaron also managed The Bicycle Chain for several years.  When it comes to gear and current technologies, he's on it.  Aaron has also been the team registered dietitian and director sportif for Specialized/Dumond Tech racing team for over 7 years.  

​Whether you're a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, we'll  help you reach your goals.  We'll teach you how to prepare, train, and optimize workouts in a way that allows you to advance within your chosen sport.  

Because Aaron is also a registered dietitian, you'll have the competitive advantage of learning how to maximize your performance, as well as improve your overall health through nutrition.  This is an area crucial for sustained performance.  Every athlete we've ever met has no problem knocking out endless intervals until they collapse!  What about making sure everything we ingest for fuel also works in sync to shorten recovery, enhance the immune system, and fuel each lung busting interval?   We've got you covered.

Our philosophy is simple:  Maximize your return on time invested from your training efforts.  We aren't going to try and reinvent the wheel here, just make it run smoother.

​What does that mean???  In a nutshell we utilize TrainerRoad for workouts that are extremely well optimized to maximize that fitness return on time invested.  Period.  They are so dialed that using anything else is wasted time/effort.  Arguably with few exceptions they have it quite figured out.  Where we come in is analysis of those workouts, tracking your overall fitness,  translating their optimized indoor workouts outdoors and of course the fueling of those workouts and recovery.

If you are local let's ride!   We can look at charts, numbers, and graphs all day but just spending a couple hours with someone watching them ride and helping to assess the areas of improvement can do so much more.  We try to always meet and help improve technique and provide real world help as often as possible. 

Our coaching packages are listed below.   Don't see exactly what you need?  Contact us and we'll customize a package specifically for you.